About Us

We are fast growing pharmaceutical Service company with a unique business model dedicated to delivering the hard to access medicines to needy patient to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world.

Our aim is to provide patients, healthcare personnel and the pharmaceutical industry within a country an independent global network, specializing in the distribution of future products and services to satisfy unmet medical needs where current treatment is either unavailable or exhausted all other options.


  • Having more than 50 years of experience of Specialty Pharmaceutical distribution.
  • Supplying innovator and generic products at the most competitive prices.
  • Delivering the right drug to the right patient / institution at the right time across globe.
  • Dedicated to service patients, the medical community and healthcare industry.
  • Design and Implement Patient assistance programs.
  • We strongly believe in :- Transparency, Efficiency, Quick Response, Competitive pricing, Fast Delivery.


ANAND MEDICAL STORES is a privately held Company, formed in the year 1964 and having its registered office at Chandigarh. Connected with the Retailing/Distribution/ Logistics line for the last 50 years, AMS is equipped to provide customer defined services related to Warehousing, Transportation, Packaging, Cold-Chain Product Handling, Accounts Receivables and related Statutory Obligations.
All its day to day affairs are managed by professionals who have a vast experience in their respective lines of operation. ANAND MEDICAL STORES current setups are located at Chandigarh,

Wholesaler, Distributor, Trader, Exporter & Supplier of Cancer Medicines which are efficacious and ensure lower risk. Other than that our drugs like Kidney & Liver Transplant Medicines, Pharmaceutical Injection, Injection & Life Saving Drugs, Cancer Medicines, Nephrology Drugs, and Pharmaceutical Capsules & Tablets from various companies. We also offer Health Monitors and Critical Care products. Locally purchased, our range is promoted and sold in the international markets.