Highlights on Hepcinat Usage


Hepcinat is one of the most highlighted medicines being used for the treatment of hepatitis C. Being a comprehensive medicine in subduing the overall impact of the HCV virus, the medicine has proved wonders on curing the disease at a higher rate. Most of the medical professionals use the medicine as a prime recommendation for hep c treatment.

Here are a few highlights of the medicine that covers the most commonly needed information about the drug.

  • Onset time of action: The required onset time of action for this medicine for reflecting its effect is not yet clinically established.
  • Duration of effect: The duration until which the effect of the medicine comes into action is also yet not clinically established.
  • Alcohol: Even though the medicines interaction with alcohol consumption is not clearly known but, it is always recommended to abandon any of the habits of alcohol consumption to avoid further degradation of liver.
  • Recommended Usage in pregnancy: This medicine is not at all recommended for use amongst the pregnant women until and unless it is absolutely necessary. However, it is always recommended to discuss the risks and benefits of the same with your doctor before starting on the medication. Hepcinat Lp
  • Recommended Usage During Breastfeeding: This medicine is once again not recommended during the course of breastfeeding in women until and unless it’s absolutely necessary. This must be done only after a proper discussion with your doctor.
  • Side Effects: Yes, the medicine holds certain side effects which may vary in its intensity from case to case. Some of the major side effects include-chills, ulcers or white spots in the mouth, lower back pain, headache, irritability, rash, nausea, decreased appetite, diarrhoea, muscle pain and cramps, etc.


These are some of the major queries and their relative answers that will definitely help people with their hepcinat Lp queries.