FAQs on Hep C treatment

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C itself comes as both a shock and an anxious state of mind to an individual getting effected with it. Despite of the number of facts available around, people tend to hold a number of questions in their mind about both the disease and its treatment as well.

Coming to the disease, it’s a major cause of infection of the HCV virus that inhibits the regular functioning of the liver and thus, affects the entire set of body systems. However, the good news is that in the current times the effective treatment of the disease has been found. In fact, there are a number of sources offering the right availability of the drugs at the most affordable rates which has also made the treatment pretty affordable for all.

Here’s is a list of FAQs answered perfectly to release the pressure and answer some of commonly asked questions on the treatment.

Is Hepatitis C curable?

Yes hepatitis C is totally curable if the prescribed medicines are taken regularly. Apart from the drugs, certain mandatory lifestyle changes also need to be added as a routine to your life if you wish to get cured fast and accurate.

Is the hep c generic treatment costly?

The overall cost of the generic treatment of hepatitis C varies in developed and developing countries due to a number of patent rights and other associated obligations. It is lower in developing countries as compared to the developed economies.

How can the treatment stay pocket friendly in developed countries?

The developed countries offer a pretty lower price for the concluded period of the medicine intake. In addition to this, the wholesaling bodies in these countries also add to the cost minimiser process. Many of the patients from the developed countries like US, Australia, etc. tend to come back to the developing countries like- India to get their grab of the prescribed medicine at a much lower price.

What is the minimum duration for the drugs intake?

The minimum duration for the drugs intake is for a period of 12 weeks. However, the tenure may depend on the disease condition and your doctor’s recommendation as well.

Are wholesale drugs really working?

When it comes to wholesale supplies, people always doubt its practicality but, this is not the same in case of hep c treatment. The wholesaling units actually offer the same branded medicines at a pretty lower price as compared to the regular brand offers otherwise.

Does the treatment make sure the disease will not come back?

Nothing in this world is forever! Similar is with hepatitis C. If the treatment goes perfect, the disease will get cured 100% but, there isn’t any guarantee that the disease won’t return back. In fact, each time a patient’s blood comes in contact with the HCV virus, one is subtle to getting infected.

This answers the major queries relative to the treatment of the disease of Hepatitis C.