Hepatitis C Treatment Efforts in India

It has been a real truth that India has always held a prime position in terms of hepatitis C cases and its associated medications as well. It is mainly due to the raising awareness and more so ever the generic medicines popularity in the country that it stays ahead in taking care of all such treatments.

With the work of wholesaling units gaining a high rise in this sector, even the medicines have become easily available. Apart from the availability, it is mainly due to the presence of hep c generic drugs wholesaler that even the costs involved in overall medication has gone relatively low and affordable for patients of all incomes groups.

What else do we need?

Efforts in India

  • It is also believed that due to these sellers, the cost involved with treating hepatitis C in India is very low as compared to the other developed countries such as US.
  • Efforts in India
  • India backs to an average count of over 9 million people getting affected from hepatitis C each year which is a great part of the global population.
  • The basic problem with the Indian crowd is lack of awareness and appropriate education on the topic of hepatitis C.
  • Most of the people remain alien to even the disease itself, so how can one expect them to be learned on the other factors.
  • The wrong ways of blood transfusion and injection and other blood borne practices are the major contributing factor against the increasing number of HCV infected cases in India. Mostly the people get infected even without knowing how they got infected with the virus.
  • However, necessary efforts are being made both by the government and non-government agencies to reduce the effects of the same, considerably.
  • India is amongst the 11 countries that carry almost nearly 50% of the global burden of chronic hepatitis cases which makes the situations even worse.
  • Hepatitis C has been a disease that doesn’t get identified very easily due to its symptoms similar to the common cold and cough situations. This also aggravates the situation a lot. Many a times people wouldn’t even get to know that they already are affected until they reach the final stages.
  • Once the final stage is reached, patients tend to reach the cirrhosis stage and then there is no further treatment apart from a liver transplant.
  • However, people are being well treated against this disease and also government is conducting a lot of awareness programs and drives to cater to the needs of fighting against this disease on a larger scale.
  • Camps and medical campaigns are being conducted on major important dates to raise the awareness in this regard and educate the people on a higher scale.

India is no where behind in promoting hep c treatment and conducting the necessary activities in this regard.