Hepcinat Lp: A Slight View On The Side Effects

Hepcinat Lp has proved to be one of the best prescribed medicines for the treatment of Hepatitis C. it has mainly been popular due to its higher efficiency of cutting down the growth of the HCV virus soon after its usage. Basically used in the combination form, the regular intake of the medicine has proved to be miraculous in the righteous treatment of hepatitis C.

However, it is always suggested to undergo a medical examination and begin the intake of this medicine as prescribed by a recognised medical professional. Also, patients suffering from a certain medical conditions such as- other liver issues, kidney problems, etc. are not advisable to undertake this medication. So, it is always advisable to take a medical practitioner’s opinion on the same.

Side Effects

Even though, this medicine has worked wonders in the world of curing Hepatitis C cases, there are certain side effects of the medicine as well that one needs to be aware of.

Mentioned below are the major side effects of the drug:-

  • Fatigue : Tiredness or restlessness throughout the day
  • Headache (Mild/Severe) : Headache cases may range between mild to serve depending on the patient
  • Insomnia (Inability of sleep): Most of the patients have experienced inability to sleep during the drug intake
  • Nausea: Uneasiness along with certain other symptoms that keeps the patient hold a feeling of anxiety
  • Anaemia: Condition of deficiency of blood or to be precise the deficiency of red blood cells or haemoglobin

Despite of the few side effects of the Hepcinat drugs, this drug has gained highest popularity due to its significant role in subsiding the effects of the HCV virus and thus, curing the disease within the least time of even 12 weeks.