Types Of Hepatitis C Infection

Have you ever faced a problem with your liver. If yes then possibly a couple of visits to your doctor made it clear that you are definitely suffering from Hepatitis c infection. Honestly if you dig deeper you will see that this particular disease is an easily transmittable disease which is ever ready to enter your body without actually giving any prior warning sign. But you can prevent this disease from afflicting your body by taking a prescribed medicine like Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir.

Types of hepatitis C infection

  • Chronic type of hepatitis c

The chronic hepatitis c is a type which starts just after the acute type. It takes place when the blood gets affected with the virus for more than six months. As per diagnosis if tests are conducted then surely will get a confirmation on the disease.  Now when you talk about the symptoms they are like fatigue or joint ache. But over a course of twenty-five years the infection becomes chronic resulting into scarring or fibrosis of liver. Significantly if the whole liver suffers a terrible damage then the patient is likely to suffer from cirrhosis of the  liver.

  • Acute type of hepatitis c

As you will notice that the acute type of Hepatitis c is actually a silent killer. It does not give you any warning or no noticeable symptoms are observed. Therefore it actually takes fifteen days to three weeks to get clear that you got hepatitis c. Most importantly the symptoms that you get like abdominal uneasiness or other discomfort like nausea, fever, pain in the joint areas or just simple tiredness. Now the above listed symptoms are quite common with other types of viral diseases.

Therefore if the patient wants to skip this malefic disease need to see a doctor and should take dedicated hepatitis c medicine like Hepcinat.