A Complete Overview Of Hepatitis C And Its Treatment

There are times when you get sudden health ailments like an uncertain pain in the stomach followed by fatigue or nausea. You might have wondered about the cause behind it but possibly got no answer. But a visit to the doctor and right diagnosis landed you up with an issue that you are actually being attacked by a virus called hepatitis c. Well to know more about the disease hepatitis c you need to scroll through the below segments.

What do you mean by hepatitis c?

Hepatitis c is actually an infection that takes place in the liver. Mostly the symptoms are not obvious but jaundice is one of the relevant sign that you are suffering from the same. Well, the infection can enter your body through various doors like from a mother to a child while giving birth, else you can have from sexual intimacy or from needles which are already infected.

How does a doctor come to know about the disease?

Most doctors do come to know about the hepatitis c infection from executing a particular blood test.

Is there any chance of getting the hepatitis c in your life?

Suppose a person has already suffered from the hepatitis c virus. But honestly, there is a good chance of carrying out a chronic form of hepatitis c infection. In fact, its severity can compel people to suffer from. diseases like cancer in the liver or cirrhosis or liver scarring. According to experts, this disease can lead to transplantation of liver as well.

What are the treatments the doctors do suggest for?

Coming to the treatment method over the last few years doctors have started to prescribe drugs like Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir Tablets. It has been proved that the tablets when taken once in a day is much more effective in treating chronic hepatitis in adults. In addition to that, it is also capable of healing the patients within a span of eight to twelve weeks. No matter whether the patient has cirrhosis or not it will help to treat the disease smoothly.

Brief on the ledipasvir and sofosbuvir tablets

  • As told that patients need to take one medicine in a day but that also depends on the type of infection the patient is having for example whether the infection is of 4,5,6 type of chronic hepatitis c infection.
  • Previously ribavirin was proposed to treat the same. However, the introduction of this particular one has eased out the drug process. And the ledipasvir and sofosbuvir tablets are the first groups of drugs which works without any interaction with ribavirin.
  • Apart from that it is vital to mention that this group.of medicine, is quite safe and no such fatal issues reported so far. But yes two common side effects that majorly occurs after taking this medicine is fatigue and headache.


Thus, These are an important note on the Hepatitis C infection and its treatments. Definitely, you should take the first opinion from a doctor who can guide you more precisely.