Uses And Doses Of Hepcinat Tablet 400mg

There are times when you have been diagnosed with hepatitis c infection honestly it gives you goosebumps the moment you think about the pain. But a relieving medicine like Hepcinat Tablet 400mg is a real lifesaver. Just note that the severity of hepatitis c occurrence increase just after the transplantation of liver. As a caution, the medicine is inappropriate for those who have already suffered from hepatitis B infection in the past.

Uses of taking the medicine

  • As discussed the medicine is just the right click for patients who are suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Also applicable to treat hepatitis c which has become chronic.
  • It is also used to check the dissemination of the hepatitis c infection throughout the body.

Note on the dosage

First, you should take the dose as exactly prescribed by the doctor. Neither take in excess just what you require.

Now suppose if you miss a dose don’t ever try to take two medicines at a time. Overlapping the doses can cause serious issues.

In case of any adverse problem just seek for doctor’s help.

Last but not the least in case of an overdose just go for a medical emergency.

Possible side effects of the medicine

  • After consuming the medicine you can actually face couple of issues like nausea, vomiting, cramps in the muscle etc.
  • But in severe cases, you can also suffer from issues like ulcer inside the mouth, irritation, rash, headache, loss of appetite.


Remember if you face the severe problems on a daily basis then it’s alarming as you have to contact the doctor at your earliest. Besides, that remember the medicine is not to be prescribed to women undergoing pregnancy or a mother who is the process of breastfeeding.

Thus, these are basic information that you should know about medicines like Generic Sofosbuvir Hep C.