Things Less Known About Hepatitis C in US

If you think you have known pretty about the conditions of Hepatitis C disorder and the ways to fix hep C in US.

Give it a second thought after reading this article!

  • The opioid crisis of America has been found to be triggered immensely high, which has automatically raised the complex health care conditions and problems in the country. This includes the high rise in the development of the chronic infections that are transmitted via use of injections, one of which is Hepatitis C.
  • New Hepatitis C infections have reached to the record 15-year high numbers impacting the vulnerable communities and moving to the trodden areas of rural West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee and equally active in the urban areas, too.
  • Approx 3.5 million Americans are currently living with hepatitis C, which is the most common blood-borne infection in US. Misuse of the prescription opioids has further aggravated the recent upsurge of these infections, totalling to approx 30,000 new cases, every year.
  • In case of non-treatment, it could also lead to liver cancer and even failure.
  • In the midst of millions of Americans living with such highly rising and communicable diseases, around  85% of them are chronic hepatitis C diagnosed who won’t be receiving any treatment.
  • Single course of the treatment costs around $94,000 and for generic versions of hepatitis C drugs, the cost goes to $1,000 for a single treatment course. One of those highly potential generic treatment drugs is Myhep 400mg Tablet that is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. But Americans are deprived of the generic treatment due to the Gilead Sciences lock down for decades and their exclusive rights of selling hepatitis C treatment under their brand-name.