5 Common And Less Known Facts About Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C tends to be one of the most chronic diseases popularly troubling people, across the world. Whether it is the US, India or any other country, they have been regularly troubled by the chronic nature of this disease. No matter how common the disease remains, still there are multiple facts that remain less known about the disease.

Let’s have a look at the 5 common and less known facts about Hepatitis C and HEP C TREATMENT that will definitely interest you.

5 less known facts about Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C is a more common disease than HIV

The basic nature of HIV is that it gets communicated via blood sources, similar is the case with Hepatitis C. But, you will be surprised to know that according to the public health reports, it is proved that the number of patients suffering from HCV infection is higher as compared to people infected with HIV infections. Over twice the Americans are found to be infected with hepatitis C as compared to HIV.

  • One can remain infected with HCV and not know it

Being infected with HCV, one undergoes a short-term infection. The symptoms of hepatitis C is pretty minor in nature in nature and its symptoms tend to be flu-like. This is why it remains overlooked. In fact, around 80% of the people don’t even notice these symptoms.

  • Some people may fight off the acute infection without undergoing hep C treatment

Around 15-25% of the people suffering from acute hepatitis C may fight off the disease without even undergoing the appropriate hep C treatment. Such people do not show any progression of their infection and in fact, they don’t even come to know whether they are infected by HCV. A specific gene—IL-28B—is considered to play a fighting role in such case. People with such genes have higher chances of fighting against such disease and give an effective treatment in response to the interferon.

  • One can suffer from the chronic case of hepatitis C for 15 long years or longer without noticing the symptoms

Over 85% of the people suffering from acute hepatitis C may progress to attain chronic hepatitis C. But, there are chances that you can have hepatitis C for 15 long years and not even have a single noticeable symptom. But, the major concern is that this may result in spreading the HCV virus to others in such a case.

  • Hepatitis C tends to be the most common reason for liver transplants

Chronic HEPATITIS C in most of the cases leads to major liver damages. Without getting the appropriate Hep C treatment, it may even cause an injury of permanent nature. Some of the patients even tend to develop the end-stage liver failure and in such a case the liver stops working.