India Entering Into The New World Of Conquering Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C almost gave a heart attack to the entire world with its inception. It was almost considered as an epidemic situation with no remedy or appropriate medicines to cure it. In fact, people used to feel threatened with this chronic disease affecting their critical organ.

Infecting the liver, the major concern that came with the diseases were the severe liver damages it caused. As a result, many of the patients had to die a deadly death in absence of the right treatment. The symptoms were difficult to be predicted and this made the situation even worse. The symptoms of the disease were very common that were hard to be differentiated from common cold and weakness syndrome. With the onset of the technological advancements, things started changing gradually. Several medications and Hep C treatment regimes have been then after. This has led to an amazing change in the world of hepatitis C.

Around the world, there have been significant advancements and treatment upgrades in the field of this deadly disease. India hasn’t been behind in the same. By 2016, around 11 Indian firms have received medicine supplying license by its senior American manufacturer in lieu of the approval from the US authorities. This has led to a revolution in the hep C treatment world. Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir tablets, the drug Epclusa, etc. are the result of the same.

It has been seen that over 150 million people around the world have been found hepatitis C infected and this has been a major concern for the patients across the globe. Approx 12 million people in India have been found to be troubled with the same.

The drug Epclusa has been a magical treatment for hepatitis C. The major reason for the popularity of the drug is that it is highly suitable for all genotypes of hepatitis C. The pan-genotype treatment of the medicine, along with its non-side effect based functionality has also helped with the popularity of this medicine. With the highest potential of curing hepatitis C ailment, taking a pill daily for around 8 to 12 weeks helps give a complete cure for this disease. Apart from this, a daily intake of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir tablets is another effective medicine that works as a magical cure of this dreadful disease.

India has entered into this era of fighting against this dreadful disease and has reduced the problematic consequences of the same to a higher level.

The major contribution in this concern has been the ongoing research and patterned developments in the medicinal world of curing hepatitis c. With this, the world of hep c treatment has moved to higher level.