Hepatitis C: What Does Reactivation Refer To?

                                                        Hepatitis C is 100% curable!

If you think its reactivation isn’t possible, let’s have a look at the facts.

As long as, one isn’t re-exposed to the HCV virus, reactivation of the virus is a far felt dream. But, this doesn’t mean that reactivation isn’t possible. Occasionally, people are heard of getting the reactivation of the hepatitis C virus. This mainly is a case amongst the patients undergoing cancer treatment. I frequently receive questions about this.

This seems quite confusing as the fact of getting the HCV virus reactivated, after complete Hep C generic treatment is difficult to understand.

However, the answer to this is pretty simple.

Hepatitis C Reactivation- The actual case

Hepatitis C reactivation doesn’t refer to the virus reactivation, after getting cured. It refers to amplified effect of the virus among people who are already suffering from liver disorder and has hepatitis C.

  • Hepatitis C reactivation is defined as the condition of rising HCV-RNA viral load, which goes over 1 log10 IU/mL. This means there is at least a threefold raise in serum ALT amongst the HCV infected patients.
  • Multiple research studies have clearly shown that the reactivation of Hepatitis C has been visible among the patients already having instances of HCV virus and who are undergoing some or the other liver disorder issues.
  • It has also been noticed that cases of worsened Hep C conditions have been reactivated the virus in people living with stable hep C for many years and decades. While undergoing the cancer treatment, they have experience this flash.
  • The cases of actual re-occurrence of hepatitis C have been found to be around 23%. Not more than this, the percent of hep C-positive people has been reflected under many of the well conducted studies.
  • Also, the reactivation of the disease that only was found amongst the patients who were already suffering from either minor infection of HCV or were being treated for liver cancer or were receiving cancer treatment of any kind, or had an ordinary clinical course for the treatment.

Hepatitis C Reactivation- The Myth

  • Many of the people live in the myth that Hepatitis C once cured gets back to the form due to the virus re-infection in even cured cases. This is what is referred as the term –reactivation.
  • This isn’t the case. However, it is due to this myth that many of the patients suffering from the disease and undergoing the hep c generic treatment are considered to be incurable.
  • This has also led to the growing myth that the diseases are 100% deadly and life taking.