Join The Fight Against Hepatitis C With The Hepatitis C Drugs Supplier in Russia

Hepatitis C- The disease

Hepatitis C is a liver based infection that is caused due to the infection by a virus called HCV virus that directly attacks the functioning of the liver leading to its inflammation. Over 1 million cases in India and US have been found affected by the same. Even though it spreads pretty fast, with a medical diagnosis it can be cured by a medical professional. It is generally tested by a simple blood test or imaging performed in a lab. It spreads due to direct blood contamination.

Initially it doesn’t show any symptoms apart from general symptoms of fatigue, nausea, appetite loss and yellow eyes and skin.

Hepatitis C- The Cure

The treatment of Hepatitis C can be done by antiviral medication and many other different ways, including-

  • Treatment using HCV anti-viral
  • Self-care
  • Medications
  • Avoiding alcohol intake
  • Antiviral drug
  • Surgery
  • Liver transplantation
  • Specialists involvement
  • Consultation with specialists such as- Infectious Disease Doctor, Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, and the Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Facts and figures relative to Hepatitis C in Russia

  • It has been found that cases of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Russia is enormously high, making it the biggest national public health threat.
  • Not less than 5 million people in Russia are found infected by Hepatitis C, every year.
  • This estimates to around 4.4% of the entire adult population in Russia.
  • Out of this around 1–2 million people are in the urgent need of treatment.
  • 1.1–2 million people have been reported to be immediately treated by the Federal Service for Protection of Consumer Rights and Personal Wellbeing.
  • According to the facts from international sources, around 20–40% of the people suffering from Hepatitis C is subjected to developing cirrhosis or liver cancer and need the treatment at the first place.

Need of Hepatitis C Medicines in Russia

Russia has been suffering from Hepatitis C ailments in huge number. This is the prime reason behind the need of appropriate Hepatitis C drugs supplier in Russia.

  • As per the Central Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology, Russia hosts 5 million Hepatitis C patients in the country.
  • Even looking through the most traditional estimates in total over 1.5 million people have been found o hepatitis C antibodies’ positive in the country.
  • Even though the official statistics on HCV stills lacks the final figures, on can easily have an approx estimate of the problem of Hepatitis C in the country tending it towards the need of the right medicine and Hepatitis C drugs supplier in Russia.
  • As per the report issued for World Hepatitis Day, chronic Hepatitis C has been found on rise in Russia.

What to look for while selecting the right Hepatitis C Drugs Wholesaler in Russia?

  • In order to find the right Hepatitis C drugs wholesale in Russia, one needs to look for the optimal buyers who comply with the on-time delivery
  • Suppliers offering individualized medication therapy along with client’s satisfying environment are always preferred.
  • Wholesale distributors who offer dedicated expert team for every customer on 24/7 basis are always preferred.
  • Always look for the trusted pharmacies and drug manufacturers before picking the final supplier.
  • Nowadays, Indian-made course of treatment are being well recommended and cheap in terms of price factors for such liver-destroying disease Hepatitis C.