Hepatitis a Liver Disease And Its Drugs

In this article a short knowledge about hepatitis and different forms of liver disease is mentioned, which is followed by the drugs used for the treatment of this disease.

The liver is a delicate part of the body that carries out various activities. Healthy food and drinks must be consumed, which do not harm or affect the liver in any way. For instance consumption of alcohol could lead to serious health problems. Some problems or diseases include hepatitis A, B and C, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and hemochromatosis. There are various drugs for different diseases which takes its own time period for the treatment. One instance, could be hepatitis c disease.

Hepatitis c is a disease that is spread through transfusion of blood or any contact of blood. It is a dangerous disease and causes inflammation of the liver. This disease could turn so bad that a need for a liver transplant could possibly take place. In extreme cases where hepatitis c is not identified at the right time could lead to liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is nothing but shedding of the liver, which could lead to liver failure and cancer of other sensitive organs of the body.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis c?

Symptoms that are seen at the acute stage are mild fever, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and fatigue. Whereas the symptoms seen in the chronic stage are dark yellow colored urine, or clay colored stools and jaundice. At the chronic stage the threat to life can be experienced by the patient with disability in normal functioning of the body.

What is the treatment for the hepatitis c disease?

Daclatasvir is a drug used with the combination of other drugs for the treatment of hepatitis c. With the help of new drugs and timely consumption of drugs, one could possibly eradicate the virus in the body. Other drugs used are interferon, ribavirin and sofosbuvir. However, this completely depends on the type of the virus. Also, it depends on whether one is suffering from cirrhosis or not. These drugs must be consumed on the consultation of the physician and is highly recommended to diagnose before getting treated for it.

Where are these drugs sold?

The drugs are easily available at the nearest stores, however if one is not comfortable to purchase them offline then they can purchase them online. There are many modes of payment that is available online with affordable prices and offers. Another great benefit of purchasing drugs online is that it is available all time and the order can be placed at any time. Delivery at the doorstep is also an added benefit that is provided by the online pharmacy websites.

Always check for a licensed website providing drugs as there are many fraud websites that do not provide generic drugs and are not licensed. Additionally, proper research on the disease and the drugs must be done before purchasing them. The reviews of others could help you make a right choice for yourself.