Treatment For Hepatitis C

In this article treatment of hepatitis c and added information about hepatitis c is mentioned.

Treatment for hepatitis c cannot be availed as it depends on the following factors:

  • The subtype and type of hepatitis one falls into.
  • The amount of virus in your body.
  • Various other health conditions one has.
  • And the level of damage done to one’s liver.


What is acute hepatitis c and what is the treatment for it?

Most of the individuals are unaware about the presence of the disease in them and do not get treated for the same. If an individual is aware that he or she has been exposed to the virus by a needle in case of a health care worker then symptoms can be identified early. Early stage of hepatitis c is called acute hepatitis c. If the treatment is done at an early stage this could prevent one to develop chronic infection.

What is chronic hepatitis c and what is the treatment for it?

It is not surprising that one can live for years without knowing that he or she is infected with the hepatitis c virus. The reason behind this is, as they do not build any signs or symptoms. Therefore, most of the individuals when take a hepatitis c diagnosis test they get to know that they have a chronic infection of hepatitis c. Chronic infection means nothing but a long term infection.

Treatment done with Ledipasvir sofosbuvir or a combination of other antiviral drugs can prevent and fight against these serious liver diseases. These medications have different time period to help an individual to be free from virus. It could take about 12 weeks or even a year to eradicate the virus from one’s body.

Routine blood tests must be taken in order to help the doctor to study the functioning of your liver. This must be done even if one is being treated for hepatitis c or not being treated. Ledifos and sofovir genric hep c or any other antiviral drugs will be prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of hepatitis c.

What must be done if the condition doesn’t improve and worsens?

It takes around 20 years or more for one to develop severe liver damage which is also called chronic hepatitis c disease. A liver failure could take place if your liver stops functioning due to this disease. In such cases the only way that remains is a liver transplant. However, if one is sharing needles, has a mental illness, high consumption of alcohol or severe depression then liver transplant would not be a right decision.

How many people get infected out of 200 people and will all die?

There are many people who are infected with this disease but are not aware about it. About 2 to 10 out of 200 develop severe liver damage or chronic hepatitis c and could possibly die if treatment is not taken. There could be some complication that could lead to death, even if a last minute liver transplant is done.

Proper care of the liver when not affected by the virus and when affected by virus must be taken into consideration to avoid any serious disease like hepatitis c.