Liver Disorders and Treatment to Live a Healthy Life

Liver is a very delicate organ of the body. Many important functions are related to the liver that
helps the body daily. A healthy liver leads to a healthy body and life, whereas an unhealthy liver
can be noticed by the body easily. Liver diseases or disorders have become very common and
are not understood by many. Some of the liver diseases are so harmful that it could even lead
to liver failure or death.

What are the different types of liver diseases?

In actuality, there are many liver disorders, however the most common and life threatening one
is the hepatitis C diseases. It is also termed as HCV and has various genotypes. However, not
getting into to the detail of it, let’s first understand what are the symptoms, treatment and
causes of hepatitis c.

Symptoms of hepatitis c:

If the hepatitis is diagnosed at the early stage, which is also termed as the acute stage, the
symptoms noticed by an infected individual are mentioned below.

  • Mild headache and fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite


These symptoms could be confused with other diseases and therefore it is recommended to
diagnose the disease before any further steps taken.

Some other symptoms follow when the disease worsens and is also termed as the chronic
stage. Symptoms related to the chronic stage of hepatitis c are as follows.

  • Clay colored or dark colored urine and stools
  • Jaundice


Causes of hepatitis c disease:

There are various reasons for one to get infected with the hepatitis c virus. Some of them are as

  • Infected needles
  • Organ transplant in an unhygienic environment
  • Infected from birth through the mother
  • Intercourse with many individuals.
  • Liver dialysis


In short and transfusion of bodily fluid or direct contact of blood with an infected person could lead to development of hepatitis c disease.

Treatments related to hepatitis c:

Firstly, after getting diagnosed by this virus one must stay away from alcoholic drinks as this not
only worsens the pain but could lead to a liver failure. The treatments related to this disease
are available with a prescription. Ledipasvir sofosbuvir is the drug that is very effective for the
treatment of this disease. However, it is highly suggested that one must follow the prescribed
drugs by their physician.

Where can one purchase these drugs?

Many offline and online stores are available on the market to meet the needs. However, getting
generic drugs is very important. Any drug store online or offline does not provide drugs without
any prescription. This is one way to get hold of a drug store providing generic medication.

Secondly, if one isn’t available to purchase the drugs offline, there are great options provided
by the online drug stores of home delivery at any time of the day. Online stores also provide
discounts and offers if purchased in bulk. However study about the website must be done
before any purchase.